Holy Guacamole!

Can you believe my last post was in JUNE?!  I know, right?  Shame on me!  Well, I’m back, and there’s news afoot!
First up, the site.  After a lot of grumbling and assorted mutterings, I’ve gotten everything updated and patched!  The down side is some things seem a little wacky… too wacky for me to fix.  [...]

Why is it spelled “Wonderous”?

So first, I got an email today about the spelling of “Wonderous” being off. And at first, I did what any fan would do and got out the claws. But that led me on quite the musical journey! First, a primer. Check out the track list.
Now, I will admit. I’m [...]

Face-palming into the weekend…

OK boys and girls, a little site news for y’all!  First, if you don’t already know, you can sign up to the site!  As we add features and whatnot, this means you’ll get alerts to posts, gigs, all sorts of stuff.  I know, it’s just ONE MORE PIECE OF EMAIL in your already overflowing inbox, [...]