Shows and homecomings and Revampings, oh my! Now that your loyal webmaster has been freed of his old job and is now in a wonderful new job, more time can be put into the site! First up, as you can see, is the general layout. There were [...]

I think September, 2014 is gonna be a good one!

Howdy ho, folks! Well, just got back from seeing Wonderous and Zebra at NYCB. The show was freakin’ AWESOME! Hopefully the “Usual Suspects” will have video/audio posts up, though I’m working on my own angles to get some goodies for everyone. I have a bootleg already [...]

Wonderous Stories/Zebra @ NYCB Theater! (and a small bit ...

Well ,the wait is finally over . The website is up !  It will take me a short while to get used to all the new settings and advantages that this site has as opposed to the old one. Soon you will all be able to post your comments about [...]

New Website is finally up !!!!!

…of testing is complete!  So far, just one niggling bug, but that might not be a showstopper as IE 10 is getting a horrible rap.  Firefox/Chrome/etc. have no issues with the site but people using IE can’t seem to click on links for blog posts.  Everything else is working great, [...]

The first round…